Having a deck made of 100% aluminum gives you peace of mind for maintenance and safety. It will not splinter, rot, rust or decay and there is never a need to sand or stain. At Classic AlumaDeck we pride ourselves in always providing a product worthy of carrying the AlumaDeck name. That is why all of our deck and rail systems meet or exceed IBC structural codes. We also incorporate a unique slip resistant powder coat finish to all deck surfaces.

The true advantage of the AlumaDeck Standard comes at install with the ease of assembly and the efficiency of setting a complete unit. Each component is marked with a specific unit number to insure a correct and efficient install.

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AlumaDeck Standard
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Structurally approved aluminum balcony system

Did you know that of the 40 million existing decks in the U.S., only half are code compliant? That leaves 20 million decks that need to be rebuilt or retrofitted. At Classic AlumaDeck, we ensure that all of our deck and railings meet or exceed the latest building codes and are approved by a licensed structural engineer.

We use aluminum - not wood or steel - to prevent rotting and rusting. Aluminum is lighter, stronger and will last longer! Aluminum construction and the use of a durable powder coat paint ensures a weather resistant, low maintenance finish.

Unlike other balcony systems, our system provides a clean finished appearance from every angle, including the underneath side.


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